The Countdown…

So, this time in 2 weeks Dave will be back home in England and we will be getting married tomorrow (Mild panic writing that!). Having not seen him since August I am massively excited of course but also feel slightly apprehensive about the fact that 3 weeks tomorrow we will be flying out to Thailand to start our new life together.

Currently my life is a whirlwind of final wedding preparations, starting to handover at work (yes Rebecca you have to let things go…), trying to pack/bin/organise my/our possessions currently taking over my poor parents house and starting to say goodbyes. I am convinced I’m not stressed (my skin tells a slightly different story).

Adding to all of this, the persistent request of my friends and family to blog. I am an avid blog reader; beauty, home furnishings and more recently weddings are my chosen indulgence, but the concept of actually blogging myself has been rather daunting. But finally I’ve take then plunge thinking it will enable me to keep in touch with everyone back home as well as document what is inevitably going to be an interesting few months and maybe help anyone considering jacking it all in and moving to Bangkok! After all life’s too short.

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