The Adventure Begins


After an epic week of getting married and Christmas, the day of leaving finally arrived. A few tears were shed (my friends will be delighted to hear I do have the ability to get emotional…) as we said goodbye to our dog, my parents and sister. However, that was after we had to lose a collective 8kg from our luggage to allow us to check in; no amount of begging or even a credit card could do the trick.

Out came a few of my ‘totally necessary’ candles and a bottle of champagne, Dave’s beautiful wedding shoes and his suit were also sacrificed….I decide to channel Joey from friends and ‘layer up’. Hence my bag lady appearance in the lovely photo above. But hey it did the trick, the lovely lady on the Thai Air desk allowed us to check in!

The flight was a dream; the food was more than palatable, the gin was free flowing, the temperature was pleasant (take note BA, no one wants to travel in an icebox) and to top it off we arrived early.

We even jumped straight in a taxi, which Dave assured me was unusual at Suvarnabhumi Airport. 400 baht and 30 minutes later we were home, and boy it’s good to be back!

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  1. Webdy says:

    Love it! Keep up the good work! Can we put the link on Facebook???


    1. Course Wend, go for it! Happy bew year x


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