Review ~ Sofitel So, Bangkok

For NYE, our second night back in Bangkok, Dave whisked me into town…on the BTS…for a night at the Sofitel So Bangkok, a gorgeous hotel designed in conjunction with the amazing Mr. Christian Lacroix. Having carried around a gold Lacroix notebook for the duration of my engagement (it was prettier than any wedding planning book I could find), I was pretty chuffed and wow, it lived up to my expectations.

As the night was part of our honeymoon we had kindly been upgraded to the most incredible suite on the 24th floor. On the ‘Earth’ floors, the suite was blue with the most beautiful wallpaper and curtains and the biggest bed I’ve ever seen, I know I’m gushing but seriously it was breathtaking. The views over Lumpini park alone were mesmerising.


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/fcb/80447574/files/2015/01/img_4941.jpg Pics courtesy of Sofitel So Bangkok (I don’t have a lens wide enough to capture the ginormity of it!)

We spent the afternoon guzzling cocktails in the a Club Lounge and then the evening drinking gin up at the Park Society Roof Terrace where the views over Bangkok as the clock struck midnight were just incredible.

This hotel is just fab, the staff are really friendly and attentive and visually its a must for anyone who loves design or fashion, I just wish we could play the just married card for longer!!

Happy new year everyone, hope you had a fab one x





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