Excess Nuggets.

On the 2nd day of January we were very lazy and took advantage of the McDonalds McDelivery service available here. Dave placed the order after having a discussion as to whether I could eat 6 or 10 McNuggets. I went with 10 on the proviso that Dave would eat what I couldn’t manage. He called and asked for 10 nuggets and 1 triple cheeseburger (yes, they do triples).

Fast forward 30 minutes and our dinner arrived. With 30 nuggets. 30. And 2 triple cheeseburgers.

Apparently the extras were free.
Kap khun ka.

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  1. Novellette says:

    I didn’t know that McDonald’s did delivery service. I’m not much of a burger person but that would come in great handy for when you need your french fry fix in a hurry, haha!


    1. Neither did I Novellette! Not sure we’ll be regulars but good to know it’s there!
      Love your blog xx


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