Koh Samui: Simple

Bangkok traffic is notoriously mental. I fully appreciate that fact now after very nearly missing our flight to Koh Samui this morning. Thanks to the calm, speed demon (where possible, given the bumper to bumper traffic) taxi driver we arrived just in time to Don Mueang Airport….only to be greeted by the mother of all queues at the Nok Air check in desks, again attempting to thwart our honeymoon departure.  Thankfully a lovely lady took pity on us, checked us in and sent us speedily on our way.

We made the plane, which was painted as a bird…of course.

As quickly as they had dished out cups of water and cakes you could sink a duck with, we landed at Surat Thani Airport where we were catching a bus to take us to the the ferry. Finding where to go and getting on was all really easy and as we trundled along in the bus I was fascinated to see the lush paddy fields on either side and the beautiful landscape.

After an hour, we arrived at the pier where the catamaran was waiting to whizz us to Koh Samui. Again, dead easy.

Once off the ferry 50 minutes later and having fended off ridiculously persistent taxi drivers on the pier, we hopped in our hotel transfer mini bus and were on our merry way. And it wasn’t even 1.30pm.

Our tickets from Bangkok to Koh Samui were around £50 each one way with Nok Air, which included the flight, bus and ferry, and I have to say, other than the stress at the beginning of the journey (which was totally our own fault; allow more time), it was a breeze.

We’re flying back direct from the island so it’ll be interesting to see if Bangkok Air impress as much…

Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on the gorgeous hotel* we’re staying at!
It really is paradise.

*Sincere apologies to anyone who had whatsapp messages today with pictures of said hotel gorgeousness on, I forget you’re at work, it’s probably raining and the real world carries on x

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  1. Chris Meadows says:

    Enjoying the blog especially all that wonderful food, roll on April


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