Propa Street Food.

We had a really busy day today. We were at Ikea as it opened to get me a new pillow; my ear just couldn’t take any more of the current brick I’ve been sleeping on. We then popped home for some air con and to catch up on last weeks ‘Last Tango in Halifax‘, and then we went into school to begin transforming Dave’s classroom into a rainforest for next terms project…needless to say we will be going back in tomorrow to finish off said rainforest.

2015/01/img_9308.jpg On the way home (approximately a 4 minute walk) we called in at Dave’s favourite noodle lady for dinner, who, after the Christmas holiday (hers not ours), was equally as pleased to see him. Sat next to the busy dual carriage way, this is true street food and is simply delicious.

2015/01/img_9305.jpg We had a pork noodle soup each and shared a chicken and egg rice dish, both yum. Also available to take away, with a few hand signals, this place could be a firm favourite!



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