Decade Flashback: Loft

I spent an incredible month in the summer of 2004 in Japan with my cousin. We had an absolute blast and thanks to my other cousin who lived there at the time, saw so much and did so much! It was more than fantastic and I would love to go back!

Anyway, we went food shopping this morning at Paradise Park in Bangna and I was delighted when wandering through the mall to stumble across Loft, one of my favourite Japanese shops that I obviously haven’t seen in over ten years! The stores stock everything from gadgets to beauty, stationary to kitchen items and whilst this one is quite small compared to the Japanese ones it had a great selection of wonderfully bizarre things!

Even though it’s now over a decade ago, I have such fond memories of mooching around the Shibuya Loft in Tokyo with my cousin, purchasing the most random items we could find! I’m excited to see what interesting things I can find now!

2015/01/img_0269.jpg Customary Karaoke in Kobe

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