Friday night fish ‘n’ chips.

Good fish and chips were not something I was particularly optimistic about getting here in Bangkok. I love fish and chips; they are definitely one of my desert island meals. I am however, super picky about them; The Nook in Cosby, Leicestershire, always my number one place or Papa’s in Weston-Super-Mare, which are great but even better because I go with my Grandad.

We went to Snapper in Asok on Friday evening on the hunt for fish and chips. Conveniently located on Soi 11, just a 3 minute walk from the BTS and surrounded by some great little bars including Bangkok institution Cheap Charlie’s and one of our new favourites, The Alchemist, it’s a great place for some food before a night out. Snapper was started by a Kiwi in the mid 90’s and serves New Zealand’s ‘national dish’ fish and chips.

2015/01/img_0267.jpgImage courtesy of

We arrived about 6.30pm and the place was quickly filling up. The menu is extensive, as well as a huge choice of fish and chips, there’s a wide range of other food including burgers, salads and grills. Dave has apparently had a burger before and enjoyed it.

They had an offer of ‘fish, chips and a Heineken’ for 400THB (£8); given that you still got to chose your fish and the style of your chips we went for this. We all chose standard chips (also on offer were homemade, thick and sweet potato) and NZ Southern Hake fish. No fish supper would be complete with out some mushy peas and bread and butter (here it’s slightly more exotic ciabatta but the premise is the same surely!) and on Dave’s recommendation a portion of ‘good ol’ fashioned onion rings’.

2015/01/img_9404.jpg The fish and chips arrive in faux newspaper, a really great touch and are really pretty good. They certainly cure the craving! The mushy peas are delicious (I usually hate mushy peas), flavoured with mint and butter they are way fresher than any green sludge I have tried in England. The ciabatta is lovely and the onion rings are delicious, and the portion size is huge! Accompanying the fish and chips is garlic mayo (we did ask for this) and it’s so good with the onion rings! I also utilised the Heinz ketchup on the table!

I really recommend Snapper if you fancy a taste of home; the food was great, served quickly and very fresh and especially with the offer, good value for money. And don’t forget to pop next door to The Alchemist for a cinnamon mojito or our friends favourite, a Cosmo….now there’s a great evening!


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