Discovery: Pomelo

I tried Pomelo yesterday and totally loved it. My only prior experience of Pomelo is that it’s the word for grapefruit in Spanish but this definitely wasn’t grapefruit as we know it. I had to google to find out that Pomelo (sum-oh) is a member of the grapefruit family, native to South and South East Asia and is suggested to be the largest citrus fruit in the world, sometimes reaching the size of a football. Notoriously hard to remove from its outer, it’s often purchased prepared on a tray to save you the stress (Great as I can’t be bothered with fruit that takes too much effort….)!

It tastes similar to grapefruit but without the bitterness. It has a different texture too, it’s dry until you pop each strand and then it’s juicy (sorry, that’s a terrible description but it’s like nothing I’ve ever had before). Further googling tells me it’s due to the slightly thicker ‘membrane’ that makes it less messy to eat than most citrus fruits. I’ve also learnt that Pomelos are high in vitamin C, contain iron, dietary fiber, and protein, yet pomelo is very low in calories, win win!

They serve it here with chilli sugar which gives it a real zingy twist, I guess similar theory to dipping rhubarb into sugar (ahhh, great childhood memories!). It’s seriously delicious and despite being rather expensive at 120THB (£2.43, that’s expensive for here!), this will definitely be a regular purchase!

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