Confident Thursday

Today, from somewhere, I suddenly had the confidence to take myself into town. We live at the end of the BTS line in the south of Bangkok so I got a motorbike taxi (I’m still thanking God when I get off in one piece) to Bearing station which is about a 5 minute ride away and costs 20THB (40p), and hopped on the BTS.

I genuinely love riding the BTS, I think it’s the best public transport I have ever used anywhere in the world. Whilst being incredibly clean and civilised, it also gives you the best views of the city. Today I stood next to the door with my headphones in and watched Bangkok go by, thanking my lucky stars we are here and having this incredible adventure!

2015/01/img_9511.jpg I have a Rabbit card (like an Oyster card in London) so journeys are super cheap.

I got off at Siam, passing the Leicester City shop and wandered into Siam Central, possibly my favourite mall so far. I spent a good hour perusing the shelves of Sephora and Mac, I’ll do a little haul post soon. From here, I went up to the top floor where all the food is, such an incredible assault on the senses! Then I must have wandered through a connecting tunnel at some point because I was quickly in another mall entirely, I don’t even know what it’s called! Here I found a 2 floor Loft (brilliant) and a gorgeous card shop, a bit or a rarity here!

I lost my bearings (well that’s my excuse!) for a short while and ended up in Siam Paragon so had a wander around Zara; still in sale and looking like a jumble, I wasn’t there long! I used the sky walk (a walkway that hangs under the BTS tracks and above the road) to get to my next destination, the gargantuan Central World.

I have been working out a lot since I got here which I’m really enjoying but I didn’t bring enough gear with me so having spied a good range of reasonably priced sportswear in H&M at the weekend this was my next stop. I picked up a pair of leggings, a sports bra and vest for just under £40. I walked up the skywalk to Chit Lom station and got back on the BTS back to Bearing with my purchases!

Of course I hadn’t considered the logistics of a bike taxi at the other end so am happy to report my first one handed experience was successful for me and my shopping! And I’m just even more in love with Bangkok than before x

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