H&M workout wear

So, I haven’t been a great one for exercise over the past few years, excluding a weekly Pilates class, which I only stuck to because I went with work friends. But over the past 2 weeks I have been frequenting the gym and have been put through my paces by a friend out here. I’m really enjoying it and given how much time I have on my hands, intend to keep it up. Let’s face it, the lack of clothing required here adds a whole other level of motivation (…because it’s hot not because I’m suddenly a nudist).

I hadn’t considered a substantial increase in exercise when I packed to move here so was in need of a few bits to keep me going in the sports department. After scouring a few sports shops I found gym attire to be quite expensive here, so I headed to H&M.

They have a wide range of sportswear from light and loose, to tight and supportive! I picked up a black pair of tight gym legging, a hot pink medium support sports bra, a jazzy grey patterned breathable vest and some neon sport socks. All of this came in at around £43.

Here I am wearing my new gear before testing it out in the gym. The marketing says the range was designed in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team….I can concur it was all really comfortable and light and felt pretty breathable. I will definitely be going back to H&M to buy more and keep working up that sweat!

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