Do something every day that scares you…

Moving to Thailand was a huge, life changing decision.
A month in for me and 5 months for Dave and I’m already convinced we made the absolute right decision back in Easter 2014.

When your living a happy, comfortable life with your family on your doorstep, incredible friends, your own house, dog and great job it does seem a bit bonkers to jack it all in and move half way around the world to a country you’ve never actually visited. But that is exactly what we did and for the first time in a few years I truly feel like we are living; not just existing from one pay check to the next looking forward to a meal out or a week in the sun.

Now, everyday I do something that scares me and I am as much out of my comfort zone as I have ever been. Whether it’s taking a motorbike taxi, sampling the unidentifiable food from the street vendor or simply trying to convey to the girl in 7/11 that I need to top up my phone, I’m getting there and it feels great. Yes, I miss my family and my friends and my gorgeous dog but we are living the dream really (sorry, so cliched), doing something that so many people told me they’d never be brave enough to do. I honestly don’t think we were brave, I just think we were stuck in a rut and only we could do something about it. At the end of the day, we can always go home if it all goes disastrously wrong, our families will still be there as will our friends, welcoming us back with open arms.

If you’re sat there thinking, wondering if there’s something better, chances are there is, so get out there and do it. The worlds a way smaller place and there’s something to see around every corner.

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