A Lazy Thursday…

Today is the first day since I arrived that I have genuinely done sweet F.A. I got up late, I read some online articles about lesser known things to do in Bangkok, made a list of lesser known things to do in Bangkok, cleaned makeup brushes, had an afternoon nap, started a photo wall, read my book on the balcony and started to download our official(!) wedding pictures on our ridiculously crappy Internet. I didn’t even get to the gym. See, I told you I’d been lazy!


Work in progress as I ran out of blu-tac

So tonight I thought I’d treat myself (not entirely sure why…I don’t deserve it) to a long soak in the tub, a jacket potato with some Heinz baked beans (at nearly £2 a tin this is a major treat) and some Home and Away (I know, I know, but it’s been my guilty pleasure since I was about 4).

Jacket potato was a success, and the beans were delicious!

So, to bath time. My new favourite bargain body wash is Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Wash. It’s rich and lathers beautifully plus it smells divine; camomile with hints of lavender and moonflower. Teamed with the matching body lotion, my skin feels nourished and my soul soothed! From some internet research, I’m not sure if you can get these in the UK but if you see them, definitely give them a go!

I haven’t done a face mask since I got here so whilst soaking I treated my face to my favourite mask, Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque (from £23). This smooth clay mask contains anti-oxidants and hydrates skin whilst cleansing, decongesting and refreshing it. My skin feel so soft and my pores appear smaller after just 15 minutes.

I’m finding my hairs a bit frazzled from the sun and humidity so I picked up a cheap hair mask in the drug store the other day. I’ve seen the adverts for the new Split Recovery range from Tresemme on TV so thought I’d give it a go. This product is a deep conditioning treatment that claims to restore moisture to dry hair and reduce split ends after 3 uses*. I washed and towel dried my hair before applying Tresemme Split Recovery Masque (£5.75) through the ends. I tied it into a bun and left for a good half an hour (it advises 5 mins on the tub but I thought my hair needed all the time it could get!). After rinsing thoroughly and drying as normal I am really impressed with how my hair feels after just one use. It feels smooth, the ends look less dry and it’s visually shinier. I’ll try it a few more times before making my mind up completely but for a first use I’m very impressed.

So that was my Thursday, it’s nearly 9pm here and I am off to catch up on some British TV and probably a little cry at 24 Hours in A&E.

*providing you use all the products in the range….

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  1. Your photo wall is really nice! How did you manage to make them all straight, that’s so difficult?! Xoxo, Sam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sam! I literally did the first one by eye and then worked in a grid…to be honest it was a bit of a fluke! Once I get some more tac I’m going to extend it! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow that takes some serious skill, I would not be that lucky just eye balling it. Well let’s see it when you extend it for sure!!

        Liked by 1 person

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