The Weekend Roundup.

Sorry for being quiet the last few days, I know some of you have been worried!! All’s well here in Bangkok, I’ve just had a busy few days. Dave was away last week with work so come Friday I was super excited to have him back!

On Friday afternoon, there was a farmers market on at school with artisan sellers from all over Bangkok; everything from homemade ice cream, to Sloane’s the butchers, to a cured, dried duck ‘maker’! For us this meant fresh baguettes (!), feta cheese and fresh pies from London Pie Bangkok (they are in the oven now and smell D I V I N E). Dave of course had a sausage roll and pork pie whilst we were there!!

Left is my steak & onion, right Dave’s steak & kidney 130THB each (£2.60)

Friday evening involved a few beers with the gang and an early night for Dave as he was working on Saturday too – although he nearly didn’t make his 6.30am bus due to alarm issues!!

Saturday afternoon was spent by the pool which you’ll be pleased to know is warming up! We had no plans for the evening (despite it being the last in my twenties…eeeekkkk) so thought we’d head out to a bar I had read about when I was researching places to go the other day. Coincidentally, the bar was on the same soi as the infamous Daniel Thaiger burger van (of Game Over fame)…I promise we do eat more than just burgers but it would have been rude not too. Having picked up some beers from 7/11 en route we joined the queue to order! The van is on Soi 38, tues-sat, from 5.30pm, usually selling out by 8.30pm and I certainly see why. They are just as good as Game Over with the added quirk of sitting in the street!

Daniel Thaiger Van on Soi 38, Thong Lor

Street food vendors on Soi 38




IMG_9786Adam and I enjoying our Mr. Steve burgers

Next stop was The Book Shop. Opened in 2012 under the Ashton condo, this cafe bar is based on a sort of Alice in Wonderland/literature theme. With cocktails named after writing styles and authors and split into chapters, and some truly incredible decor with books flying over the ceiling and staircases to nowhere, the visual is seriously impressive!

I chose ‘Romance Novel’; aromatic and sweet with strawberry, homemade jasmine syrup, silver rum and fresh lime this cocktail is delicious. The jasmine flowers in the foamy top create a sensory explosion! By far, this is the best cocktail I have had in Bangkok (290THB £5.87).

We got carried away ‘trying’ it before I remembered to take a picture!

The boys all chose rather more manly sounding cocktails; Memoire (with whiskey), The Hemmingway (gin) and E-Book (can’t remember)….

Ok, so they didn’t look particularly manly but they were all delicious

The cocktails were outstanding (I would come back for a Romance Novel alone) and the staff attentive but the ambience of this place could be improved. Simple things like the lights needed dimming slightly and they need a good playlist rather than the odd song now and again. The place is full of books which of course I loved; this little beauty from 1965 was the feature book on our table which redeemed it for me…


This morning we popped to Tesco to pick up some bits – the amount of Tesco food and Everyday Value items entertained me!


And for anyone who has been to Spain with us, look what made Dave’s week!!!

This afternoon has been spent by the pool, with some swimming and some water pistol action. Tonight we are watching the tennis (it’s not looking good for Murray right now) and eating our pies. Awesome.



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  1. loz says:

    That place sounds fab – You’ll have to take us! Ky excited about the sausage roll & burger.
    Boo on the tesco tho x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not Boo on Tesco at all! It’s one of the nicest supermarkets here and we can get western stuff in there like cheeeeeese and Haribo!!!! If there was a coop we’d go x


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