OMG…it’s World Nutella Day!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 22.19.32How did I not know February the 5th was World Nutella day? This unmissable event has (thankfully) just been brought to my attention via the fabulous lifestyle website Sheer Luxe. Seriously, World Nutella Day is a thing. I LOVE Nutella; not so much that I’d name my child that…again, that was a thing, but so much that my sister got me my own personalised jar* for Christmas that I subsequently carried all the way to Thailand. Anyway, I won’t be eating my special jar (personalised with my sisters affectionate nickname for me…I fondly call her Ratface junior) as I can get Nutella easily here but Sheer Luxe have got 19 fabulous Nutella recipes on their site to celebrate this momentous day, so put down the spoon and try something new with that chocolatey hazelnut goodness!

*Personalised Nutella is available in-store at Selfridges and is a barginous £3.99

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  1. Love love love the fact that there is a World Nutella Day!

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