Just another year older…

The plan had always been New York and Prada for my 30th. Obviously that was before we moved to Thailand and everything changed somewhat. As my milestone birthday approached I had to reconsider what I wanted. I no longer had as much need for the much coveted Prada tote I have gazed at for years or really, with me not working, the budget (it can go top of the list for my 40th…now writing that is scary!).

The realisation came as quite a surprise to me but what I was missing was a computer. I have my iPad and my iPhone, both pretty good for all the things I tend to do but I genuinely missed the feel of a keyboard and the intent to sit down at a desk and do something productive. So earlier this week Dave gave me my present, a beautiful MacBook Air. We’re spending my actual birthday at the beach this weekend(!), hence the early delivery, but I was so thrilled I didn’t care.

On Wednesday I went into town to buy a bag (I do genuinely need something more practical than the tiny pouch on a string I have been using) and a protective cover for my new shiny friend; my parents had sent me money for my birthday so I was all set for some fun shopping. Then something weird happened as I sat on the BTS; I felt a bit sad for the first time since arriving here (I don’t think the Maccabees or Fleetwood Mac coming through my headphones helped), I missed my family and I missed home. Since Dave and I moved back to Leicester, me and my mum made a tradition of hitting Birmingham, specifically Selfridges and Jamie’s Italian, on special occasions and as I sat there on my way into Bangkok I couldn’t help but think if I was at home mum and I would be on the M6 en route for a fab day together. Shopping by yourself when its your birthday isn’t much fun.

Anyway, I’m not a wallower so switched Spotify to something more jovial (thank you Breton) and reminded myself I’m bloody lucky to be here so enjoy it.

I had seen some nice bags on the Zara website and praying they were finally out of sale I headed there first. Ironically to get to Zara in Siam Paragon I had to pass Prada; this amused me slightly and reminded me how much has changed in the past 12 months since Dave and I were planning our 2015 New York trip and him secretly planning to propose whilst we were there. Anyway, the new collection in Zara is seriously gorgeous, there were some beautiful pieces but I’m finding the issue here is that they stock what we in the UK would class as winter stuff…except its 32 degrees here and getting warmer, as much as I love the cream wool cocoon coat, it ain’t beach wear.

I quickly narrowed it down to 2 bags, both 2990THB. One a black structured crocodile-esque, sensibly zipped city bag, the other a squishy, nude coloured bucket bag with gold zip detail.Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.14.47

Croc Pattern Mini City Bag – image Zara

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.20.00

Bucket Bag with Zips – image Zara

After much deliberation (again, always hard when you’re by yourself) and some posing in the mirror, I decided on the nude squashy number; the black one, whilst lovely felt a bit too ‘proper’.

Next up I needed a sleeve for my Mac. I had a scout on the net before I ventured out and was stuck by how practical most were. As much as I knew I need practical I also wanted something pretty and fun. I had seen a few cute ones on Kate Spade’s website (her shop is in Central World) but the ones that had really caught my eye were Marc by Marc Jacobs (Siam Discovery), so this was where I headed.

They had lots of choice, from the ones with Marc scrawled all over them to the new stripes and checks collection but it was the flowery ones that I liked the most. On display they had the pink one. Not being a pink kinda gal I passed and headed up to Loft to see if they had anything exciting. They didn’t. Practical and grey. Bleugh. I stopped in the Apple shop too….boring.

So back to Marc Jacobs I went, conceding slight defeat that the pink flowery case was the nicest I could find…until the lovely shop assistant told me these were new season and had just come in and that she thought they had the yellow version out the back. Oh, don’t you jut love it when they say that! Out she came with the gorgeous yellow one I’d liked best when I saw it online. Sold. Happy birthday me.



I must admit, celebrating a big birthday without my family and my friends back home is going to be hard but Dave is pulling out all the stops and like I told myself on the BTS, I’m bloody lucky to be here so get over it, New York isn’t going anywhere!

And as someone very wise once said, ‘Don’t regret getting older, it’s a privilege denied to many.’

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  1. Ann says:

    I think your blogging is excellent and that’s not just cos I got more than a mention today! Funnily enough I had a message from Jamie’s-about their birthday offers. I wonder if you have more followers than you think because people like Grandad are reading it but possibly haven’t registered as followers? Love you lots. Have a fab birthday-beach or New York? You know which one I would pick! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the laptop case, very cool! Enjoy the Mac and try to find your happy place even when you’re missing home & family (I know I do too, positive thinking is the way to beat the blues). Xoxo, Sam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sam, very wise words! X


  3. Julie Payne says:

    Bec, really enjoying your blog-you write really well and I love reading how you are both settling in to your new life. Hope you are having a fab birthday, it will be a memory for life. Enjoy. Love Julie xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Julie, and thanks for the card! It has been a wonderful birthday! So glad you’re enjoying the blog too!! Xx


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