A weeks update.

It’s been a pretty quiet week here. We’ve been trying to not spend much money as we have friends arriving in a week (ridiculously excited) and we’re off to Krabi, Koh Lanta and Koh Ngai, so my week has mainly involved sitting by the pool and reading!

We’ve been eating cheaply this week, mainly from the market and variations of home cooked spaghetti. A new discovery was ‘banana fritter’, more like banana pancake squares but really good, served with condensed milk and terribly calorific!

IMG_0360 IMG_0365 IMG_0368

It’s been a pretty stressful week in terms of my visa, but after another visit to immigration yesterday I finally have my papers and am good to stay! In fact, I’m actually not allowed to leave now until June! The building is so ridiculously vast it was worth a picture!IMG_0386

Some belated birthday cards and presents arrived this week which was a lovely surprise, including some much needed English sweets and chocolate! I’m getting really good at rationing myself and this week have just had a Freddo, a handful of mini eggs and a Wham bar!

IMG_0379It’s Chinese New Year and there are lots of celebrations going on here. There have been fireworks going off from around 9am most days and at the mall last night families were all dressed in red and celebrating with dinner and ice-creams!

This week has probably been the most ‘ordinary’ but it has allowed me to reflect on how settled we are and how things that a few weeks ago I would be surprised or freaked out by are now normal, like seeing people sitting in the back of pick-up trucks hammering along the highway, or a family of 4 on a tiny scooter, and the weird smells, and the lack of sturdy pavements! I also managed to hardly bat an eyelid when I passed a dead rat the other day and only shrieked slightly when I experienced my first cockroach last night. But when asked the other day what I was missing about the UK, aside from family and friends, there was actually very little. The only thing I would love right now is a fish finger sandwich; Birdseye, tiger bread and Heinz tomato ketchup (literally salivating writing that).

Anyway, that was a rundown of my week, I hope you had a good one! Happy Friday! And if you happen to have a fish finger sandwich this weekend, savour it for me!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stan Ashley says:

    Nice to hear your stories and pleased you are enjoying the life out there.
    Time for Jobseekers now then?best of luck.
    Kev said they were looking forward to seeing you,if everything was easy to fix.
    Glad you enjoyed your birthday,did you receive a e mail from us?
    Hope you did if not A belated birthday wish xxx
    Stan Margaret Love to you both.


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