We haven’t had any visitors yet so on Sunday evening we were super excited to meet up with Dave’s cousin and his wife who were in town for a few days. We took them to our usual sky bar haunt at the top of the Marriott hotel in Thong Lo, The Octave, for some sundowner cocktails. It was so good to catch up and see familiar faces!

We headed to Soul Food for some dinner but hadn’t made a reservation so couldn’t get a table. Instead we headed to Roast. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy so we settled in! I started with a Roast Iced Tea; seriously delicious and refreshing.

IMG_0452Earl Grey tea, lychees and lime juice

Dave and I had a sharing platter of Herb Roasted Beef Tenderloin (1290THB). Served with creamy garlic mash and grilled vegetables, it was just what a Sunday evening ordered! We ordered rare and it came cooked to perfection.


Whole premium beef tenderloin seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs to create a caramelised crust.

For dessert, I’m afraid I didn’t try anything new…I had a Half Baked again, I just couldn’t help myself! It was less chocolatey than last time but tasted equally as good!IMG_0458

It was a really lovely evening and we will definitely be taking any other visitors to both the sky bar and Roast…in fact our next visitors are arriving on Saturday for 2 weeks and I just can’t wait!!

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  1. annie lee says:

    I’ve heard a lot about Soul Food too bad you couldn’t try it! But Roast is not a bad choice either 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really good Annie, we’ve actually been before, but Roast is always a good choice! X


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