The big photo wall reveal.

We are not allowed to hang anything on the walls as we rent our condo (that’s what they’re called here!) so I have had to be creative in getting artwork and pictures into the apartment. A few weeks ago I told you I was working on a photo wall, well last night after finally buying some more Blutac I used all the pictures we have and finished it.

For our wedding in December we hung bunting of polaroids through the evening reception, pictures of us, family and friends. It looked really effective as well as being a great talking point for people! But I was left with a stack of pictures which I hastily shoved in my case before leaving for Thailand. They had been sitting idle for a while but after seeing my friend Dim on a Whim’s Youtube video creating a postcard wall I knew exactly what I was going to do with all our polaroids!

I used an app I downloaded from the app store called Polagram; it links straight to the photo albums on your iPhone/ipad and just couldn’t be easier. They do lots of cool products from photo books to photo magnets, as well as giant posters and dinky sized prints, 10.2 x 10.2cm, and chose the white border to add a bit of authenticity!


The website is American so you get charged in dollars but with the rate of the dollar against the pound it works out pretty inexpensive – $12 (£7.77) for the first 24 pictures, $10 (£6.47) for every 24 there after. The shipping wasn’t costly and they arrived from the USA to the UK in a matter of days; I was very impressed and subsequently ordered another lot just before the wedding!bec_dave_wedding-724

Anyway, back to the photo wall. We have a huge blank wall as you come into our apartment so this was where I started the montage a few weeks ago and then ran out of Blutac…IMG_9735So last night I set about finishing it…or at least using up all the pictures we have…I think it should be a bit of a work in progress. I created the grid by eye and simply attached the pictures to the wall with the tiniest blob of tac in each corner. I think it’s ended up looking pretty good, it certainly brightens up the entrance way!IMG_0517 IMG_0514

Right, well I best go and get ready, our visitors are arriving soon and I ned to pack for our half-term island hopping adventure tomorrow, hence the rucksacks ready and waiting in the pics above!

Happy weekend everyone! x

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