Part 1: Railay

Our friends arrived late Saturday afternoon (seriously…I couldn’t have contained my excitement for much longer). After a quick turnaround in Bangkok taking in a meal in Red & Whites and a brief nights sleep, we caught a taxi at 7.30am on Sunday morning to Don Mueang airport praying the traffic was kind to us. Of course it was and we arrived way ahead of time for our flight to Krabi.

After a quick 1 hour 15 minute flight with Nok Air we landed at Krabi and for the bargain price of 200 baht each we got a private mini bus down to the long tail at Ao Nang that would take us to Railay.IMG_0547

Now, we have got a few long tails to different places in our short time in Thailand but this was quite entertaining. We literally had to wade probably 20 metres out through the sea to the boat with our luggage; thankfully we were prepared with backpacks but there was a poor family with suitcases, pushchairs and 3 kids…



Railay is a peninsular just down the coast from Krabi and Ao Nang. The journey there took only 15 minutes and cost just 100 baht each but was an awesome way to see the beautiful scenery and stunning coastline.

IMG_0564 IMG_0549We arrived at Railay which is simply beautiful; a sweeping white beach with huge rocks at either end and surrounded by jungle. The west beach is the more beautiful side but to stay here you pay a premium, we were staying on the east beach just a 2 minute walk away but a way more reasonable price! IMG_0575 IMG_0571

We were staying at the Railay Princess Resort for around 2500 baht a night. The hotel was great, rooms basic but very clean and comfortable. There are 2 gorgeous pools and a spa. There were signs on the French doors to keep them closed due to the monkeys which will come in and raid the mini bar! Of course we giggled when we first saw this but after a troop of gibbons paraded over our third floor balcony and Han and Rich witnessed a highly entertaining early morning ransacking of the room next door to them, we took it pretty seriously!

After a dip in the pool we headed back over to the west beach to grab some food and watch the sunset with a few cocktails.


The next day we took a speed boat tour to the Hong Islands which we booked through the hotel but there are plenty of tour operators on Walking Street. It was 1500 baht each that included pick up from the west beach, lunch, snacks and snorkelling gear. Our guide Woody was brilliant, his English was fantastic and he explained lots of places that we passed and had a great sense of humour. There were around 16 people on our speedboat, we were the only westerners and apparently the only ones that could actually swim…



I haven’t ever really snorkelled properly and was smitten instantly. The sites we visited were absolutely teaming with the most beautiful fish and we spent hours exploring. Our last stop was Hong Island which was quite busy but once you’re under the water its so peaceful you forget all the tourists in their lifejackets floating past you!


I took a sneaky snap of a couple ‘sunbathing’ next to us…in our bikinis and swim shorts we felt a bit underdressed!


We arrived back to Railay at 4pm allowing for a much needed massage in the pavilion at our hotel overlooking the lake.IMG_0649

That night we watched the sunset again and had a great Massaman curry before heading over to the east side to catch a Muay Thai fight that was happening at a bar. It was really interesting to see but only went to 4 rounds.

IMG_0592We booked our ferry to Koh Lanta, our next destination, for the next day, costing 500 baht each. To get out to the ferry we had to get into a long tail that then pulled up alongside the ferry and we had to climb on with some assistance from the crew with lots of passengers looking on! The ferry took just under 2 hours and passed some incredible coastline and beautiful beaches.IMG_0654

We had a great time in Railay; it’s a seriously stunning place and the snorkelling was amazing, I would highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area. I think the 2 days we had there were probably enough though.

Tomorrow…I’ll fill you in on our time on Koh Lanta. x

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  1. amy says:

    We stayed in exactly the same hotel as you when we went to Railey Bay, unfortunately i demolished my toe so couldn’t do any snorkelling but glad you had fun! Looks like you all enjoyed it 🙂 x

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