When it Rains…

…it really, really rains! The heat and humidity has been building as we near April, the hottest month of the year, before the rainy season kicks in. Most days are around 35-36 degrees with some days hitting 37-38, evenings are usually a balmy 30 degrees. Over the past few days the usually clear sky has become overcast and the rumblings of thunder could be heard.

Today the heavens opened and the thunder rolled right in, it is pretty impressive to be honest, the thunder goes on for hours! However, it does make leaving the apartment a bit tricky as our road completely fills up like a canal, any cars or bikes cause a wake and you just have to wade through!

IMG_1221 IMG_1223 IMG_1226

The weather is forecast to be unsettled for the next few days before we return to days of full burning sun for a while, at least it gets me prepared for the full on rainy season in a few months!

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