Saturday Spree

Unfortunately, I am the sort of person that has no problems spending money but since moving to Thailand I have seriously had to really change my habits. I am no longer earning my own money and I don’t feel that I can justify asking my husband for money to spend on clothes and cosmetics when there are weekends away we could be having!

My savings are dwindling slowly as I try to not spend but inevitably there are things I need. On Saturday evening, after spending the day recovering from the night before, we went to Mega Bangna for a bit of a wander (one of the best places to ‘wander’!) and some food. There were a few things I wanted to look for whilst we were there.

One of the shops I like here is Australian store Cotton On; the prices are reasonable, the sizes western (I am a medium!) and the product is great. A cotton smock dress caught my eye, I have been looking for some simple dresses as the temperature rises here, they are just a bit more comfortable than my go to denim shorts! This one was 789 baht (£16) and had huge pockets, one of my favourite things! I thought it would ease me gently into dress wearing!


I am finding I get through shoes really quickly here, probably down to the heat and the sketchy pavements! I wanted some pump style shoes as I find these are the best for sightseeing type days but of course despite my religious use of foot powder, they get pretty aromatic quite quickly! I refuse to spend a lot on shoes that are going to get ruined quickly, the last pair I got was at Tesco’s here for 199 baht (£4), but after going back for another pair they’d sold out. They have some great shoes in Cotton On, I spied a pink pair that said 300 baht (£6) on the label, but on closer inspection it was 300 baht for 2 pairs, bargain! I had the pink pair and a pair of natural, peep-toe flats.


I wanted a pair of sports shorts to see me through these warmer moths, sorry to keep going on about it but it is roasting! I usually wear sports leggings but after last weeks netball and being soaked through I conceded defeat and bought some shorts! I saw these bright orange Adidas ones when Han was here and liked them then so I went back to get them, they were 890 baht (£18). I’m trying them tonight playing netball so fingers crossed I’m a bit cooler than last week!IMG_1241

We finished the night with a delicious Indian dinner, much needed to completely eliminate our hangovers. Saturday night at home in Leicester usually involved an Indian so it was great to revisit the tradition!


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  1. The flats are really cute 🙂


  2. Grandma says:

    Hi bec. Am just trying to sort this out for grandma so that she can leave a comment. Not sure how successful I’ll be. Mum

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  3. Ann says:

    Omg! And you said we wouldn’t need a waterproof? But the bargain shopping looks very appealing. Now I have a massive pink suitcase I can bring stuff home!

    Liked by 1 person

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