The Teachers Twitch.

Last night Dave and I went out. For most people going out on a Tuesday evening for a meal or to the cinema probably isn’t that big a deal, for a teacher it’s a rarity. Back in England we never, ever went out in the week. The most exotic it got was to pop to my parent’s house for dinner (2 villages away); always marred slightly by Dave anxiously checking his watch conscious of the precious time being wasted when he should really be marking or planning. I know most teachers, partners of teachers and friends of teachers will recognise this common twitch of a teacher in the UK.

Here, Dave still has stacks of work to do but our quality of life just seems to be better, a realisation that really hit us last night whilst we sat in Firehouse scoffing the most ridiculous sized burgers*. It was his suggestion to go into town which in itself is a huge step forward (I gave up suggesting we go out on school nights years ago!) and not once did he say ‘I should be doing…‘ or ‘We need to get home soon…‘.IMG_1377

Granted we were home by 10.30pm but it was a really lovely night just the two of us and certainly not a night we ever would have had on a school night if we were back in the UK.

*On the subject of the burgers, they were really good. Dave had an ‘Oink burger’ (beef patty topped with pulled pork), I went for a standard. It wouldn’t be right to compare them to a Daniel Thaiger as they’re completely different so I won’t even go there but I will say I would highly recommend Firehouse, their coleslaw (another rarity) was very nice too!

Firehouse is just of Soi 11, Nana BTS

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  1. Glad he’s finally learning to relax more!
    I think Thailand is so laid back the “mai pen rai” attitude just wears off on you.
    Ps – make sure you try Escapades burger bar – they have gorgeous burgers and the most incredible drinks (especially the cocktails and milkshakes!) x

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    1. Oooo we will! Thanks Amy, it could be our next impromptu date night!


  2. Eden says:

    Thanks hamburger and fries look delicious!

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