Review ~ Masala Art

On Friday, school finished for a two week holiday for Songkran, to celebrate we went to Masala Art in ThongLo. I’ve had Masala Art food at school functions when they get external restaurants in to do the catering and have always been really impressed so was looking forward to actually going to their restaurant.

The restaurant was surprisingly quiet for 8pm on a Friday, there were just 2 other tables in and we rocked up without a reservation. The service was friendly and very efficient. The menu is interesting with the usual fare but not too much that you get bamboozled with choice!

We were given conical poppadoms and pickles that rather than onion salad was whole tiny pickled onions. This was an interesting and tasty take on the standard poppadom and pickle course. Neither of us were keen on the green yogurt sauce which was too hot and bitter. We were then given a ‘tomato soup’ aperitif which despite its really watery consistency was really delicious.IMG_1558IMG_1491

For starter Dave and I had the onion bhajis. You got four in a single portion which would have been enough to fill you up completely so it was a good job we were sharing. They were delicious; crunchy and crispy but soft on the inside, I would go so far to say some of the best bhajis I’ve ever had….


For main course we shared a Kashmiri Roganjosh and a Chicken Tikka Masala, Jeera rice and garlic naan. All the food was really good, it was spicy enough without blowing your head off, there was lots of meat and the sauces were rich. The naans were like the ones you get in the UK and were really garlicky.

IMG_1495We really enjoyed our meal at Masala Art, if you’re in Bangkok and fancy an Indian, I would highly recommend this one and make sure you order the bhajis!

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