Travels of a Food Addict.

My parents are here for their first visit to Bangkok. After a stress free flight and numerous films later they landed to the heat and chaos in our new home city. Wednesday evening we took it easy and went to Red & Whites near our apartment for some food. My mother has suggested I rename this blog ‘Travels of a Food Addict‘ due to the lack of beauty posts recently and the obscene amount of food blogging so it seemed appropriate to kick off their stay with some food!

We ate moo dadio, Penang curry, Gung har rot (five spice prawns) and chicken cashew nuts and drank some Leo; it was awesome!

IMG_1590 IMG_1591

After a long lay in, we took the parents into Bangkok and just had a wander, we took in a few malls to look for sandals for Dad and cotton shorts for Mum. We had a relatively early dinner and drinks at Hemmingway’s in Asok. The food was great and the gin and tonic only £2!


Enjoying the calamari


Dave’s half rack of ribs


My fa-jee-taaaas




Dad and his lamb tenderloin

IMG_1609Key lime pie

We had a great first day, it’s so great to have mum and dad here and be together after 3 months! We have lots of things planned including a food tour and a trip to Koh Chang island, can’t wait!

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  1. Ann says:

    Now I know why you write so often about food!

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