A Little Bit of What You Fancy.

We often get asked what we miss most, aside from friends and family obviously. Certain things always spring to mind, for me fish fingers and Galaxy Minstrels, for Dave it’s cheese. My parents brought us out a huge haul of goodies when they visited, which to be honest is a post in itself but in it was something I had totally forgotten how much I loved…until I saw the box. Oh Parents, how well you know me…yep, Mr Kiplings (Exceedingly Good) French Fancies! Although they can now be eaten in a mere two bites (damn you Premier Foods making everything smaller), they were as good as ever and the two days we managed to make to box last felt like something of an achievement!

What weird things would you miss if you emigrated?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. annmeadows52 says:

    I’m so glad u enjoyed them. I’ll make a note on my list of ‘things Bec misses’

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    1. Chris says:

      The weirdest thing I’d miss would be my daughter !!!!!!

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      1. Aahh miss you too Dad xxx


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