My Latest Addiction.

Thailand is home to the widest array of non-alcoholic beverages I have ever experienced. From smoothies and blends to iced coffees and juices, there really is something to take any fancy you may have on every street!


6.30am Cha Yen and Iced Latte

Dave is a big coffee drinker so has naturally settled into the world of iced coffees, I on the other hand am not a coffee drinker so had been dabbling with different ‘fizz’ concoctions and more chocolatey iced things…that is until I discovered Cha Yen, iced thai milk tea the other week and now I just can’t get enough.


Cheeky Cha Yen and a caramel macchiato from True Coffee

From some internet research I believe Cha Yen to be  strongly brewed Ceylon tea sweetened with sugar or condensed milk, then served with evaporated, coconut or whole milk over ice. Calorific I know, but seriously good and deliciously refreshing.

IMG_2552A seriously strong Cha Yen from our new favourite breakfast place, The Coffee Club in Ekamai


From the cafe across the road from our condo…dangerous!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get to the gym to burn off all these delicious Iced Thai Milk Teas!

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  1. annmeadows52 says:

    It’s a good thing that you have a gym in your new building judging by the calories in your new fave drink! Xx

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  2. Keirstin Ritchie says:

    Yum – looks delicious!

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    1. It is Keirstin! Too delicious!!


  3. Amy M says:

    Ahh i love love LOVE cha nom yen!
    My favourites are Hokkaido milk tea (they usually have a stand in Tops market etc) which comes in little glass bottles to go (we used to stock the fridge full of them. Or Monkey Shake – the vanilla version. I love it so much that I still actually have my loyal-tea card in my purse because i know i’ll have it when i get back to the big mango. (is that sad? tell me it’s not sad!) xo


    1. Oooo amazing top tips Amy, thank you – I’ve been wondering if I could buy ready made to keep in the fridge! I will definitely get some next time I’m at the shop!
      And no…it’s definitely not sad to keep your card, I’ve already decided Thai Milk Tea is going to be one of the things I miss most if we ever leave! We’ve just been in Singapore for 5 days and I was dying for one when we got back!! x


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