Muji Cleanser

Back in May I read an article from skincare guru Caroline Hirons about Muji Skincare and its relaunch. For those of you not familiar with Muji, it is a Japanese brand with stores all over the world whose philosophy for its products around simplicity and form. They sell everything from bedding to storage (loved by beauty addicts worldwide), kitchen utensils to stationary and everything in between.
Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 17.29.00My favourite Muji product ever which I know I’ve already told you about is the Log Fire candle (Feu De Bois) which is only £3.50. These candles are a dupe for the luxurious Diptyque Feu de Bois candle but at a fraction of the price. Unfortunately for me, Muji Thailand don’t stock the tin candles, thankfully my visitors know me well*…anyway I digress.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was in Muji the other day buying storage for my makeup (new flat needs new storage, what can I say) when I saw the new Muji skincare range. Having remembered the Caroline Hirons post and knowing I needed a cheap cleanser in my bathroom I had a look at their Oil Cleanser. I prefer an oil or a balm cleanser as I feel like they get my skin cleaner and take off all my makeup including waterproof mascara.

Everything on the bottle is written in Japanese so if you’re after specific ingredient information and don’t read Japanese, you’re going to struggle but thankfully Mrs Hirons had done her research;  Muji products are free from fragrance, alcohol, paraben, dye and mineral oil…awesome. I had a little pump of the tester; the oil was thick enough to not be stupidly messy but thin enough to get a good massage going! At 395 baht (£7.48) for 200ml I bought a bottle.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve been using the Muji Oil Cleanser for 3 days now and really like it. It gets off all makeup as predicted and leaves my skin soft and clean. I usually take it off with a warm, wet flannel but I have been using it in the morning and emulsifying it with water first to really wake my face up!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you’re in the market for a new cleanser, I would highly recommend this one. There was such a wide range of skincare in Muji, based on the success of this product, I will definitely be returning to try some more!

* Rust on the candles is not due to my friends bringing me old, skanky candles – I keep them in the freezer to stop them melting in the Bangkok heat and make them burn longer and more evenly…top tip that!

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