Sweet Treats

Thailand has a very sweet tooth. Which for someone like me is not a good thing especially where baked chocolatey goods are concerned. We were wandering round the new EmQuartier food market the other day when our eye was caught (…as usual) by the incredible counters of cakes and sweet treats.
IMG_2618IMG_2614It would have been rude to pass by without sampling something so decided to get a brownie each from Sweet Treats by Som. Unfortunately they had an offer on ‘Buy 2 get 1 free’ so we had to choose 4! IMG_2617We went for marshmallow, salted caramel, crunchy and nutella and have slowly been working our way through them over the past few days. They are simply delicious, so gooey and chocolatey, the best brownies we’ve had in Thailand (aside from a few homemade ones from friends). If you’re in EmQuartier and fancy something naughty head over to the Sweet Treats counter and ‘treat’ yourself!


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  1. Amy M says:

    I miss Bangkok so much!
    Chu do some pretty good food (and brownies) too and i’m gutted that i can’t spend my afternoons blogging from there and drinking cherry lemonade whilst nibbling on baked goods anymore.

    Living vicariously through your sweet tooth right now! xo


    1. Love Chu! It’s very easy to spend all day in there having brunch then cakes then dinner!! X


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