Universal Studios, Singapore

Whilst we were in Singapore it was Dave’s birthday, to celebrate I dragged him to Universal Studios. He wasn’t massively keen as he’d never been to any of the big theme parks before and I suppose didn’t really get what the big deal was, having visited the California parks as a child I was stupidly excited.

I booked the tickets beforehand as well as ‘express’ passes to jump the queues; $74 each plus the express pass at $50 each (£58 each in total).

We left our hotel at about 9.20am, hopping on the MRT for one stop then walked over to Sentosa Island, there is a monorail but it was too nice a day not to walk! We arrived spot on 10am when the park opens and because we had our ticket confirmations all printed out, a quick barcode scan and we were in!

Singapore Universal is much smaller than the American ones but has plenty to do to keep you entertained and visually is pretty much the same, I was so excited to be there plus Dave and I have never been to a theme park together so it was a first! The park is split into zones with their own themed rides, restaurants, shops etc; Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi city, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Our express passes allowed us to queue jump each ride once, you can buy ‘Express Unlimited’ but I didn’t think the extra cost was worth it. We went on all the rides at least once, even when we had to queue later in the day for rides we wanted to go on again, the queue times were only around 15 minutes although it is worth mentioning we were there mid-week. Our favourite rides were Return of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Transformers, Shrek’s 4D Adventure and Human VS. Cyclone…although it did take me a while to recover from the Cyclone part.

For lunch, there was lots to choose from but we headed to Mel’s Diner where they serve typical American fare such as burger and fries…just what we fancied!

There are a few shows throughout the day in different parts of the park, the one we were keen to see was ‘Waterworld’  which looked amazing, ironically based on the Kevin Costner mega flop from 1995. It is basically a ‘live’ water show with stunt men and women, lots of boats and jet-ski’s and of course a love story! There was lots of action and we really enjoyed it, some of the stunts were just incredible!

After an awesome day we decided to take the cable car back to the mainland, the terminal was just a short walk from the park and is well signposted. It was $29 each…if we had seen the weather that was rolling in, we probably wouldn’t have bothered given the whole point was to see the views…

We had a really great time at Universal Studios in Singapore. The Express passes were worth every penny and I would do this again wherever we went. I don’t know if we’d go back to this specific one, maybe Tokyo Universal next time, but if you’re in Singapore and looking for something fun to do, go!! Next time we are there we will definitely be trying out some of the other things Sentosa Island has to offer.

Universal Studios Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway,
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

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