The Essential Bag

I have been searching for that perfect black bag for ages now; something that can go from day to night, cute but not in your face and with enough space to fit my lippie, sunnies and my camera…tricky find right…? Zalora is an online retailer here in Asia (very similar to ASOS), they have own brand and branded fashion and beauty, I have browsed their site quite a few times over the past 6 months so when I was asked to collaborate on a post with ZALORA Thailand, I knew exactly which product* I wanted to test drive!

Introducing the Classic Halfmoon Satchel, available in 3 colours (black, tan and navy), I obviously chose the black! As the name suggests it’s a classic, versatile shape with a slightly retro feel which I have been teaming with loads of my outfits over the past fortnight. Just as I wanted I have paired it with shorts when sightseeing as well as in the evenings for dinner and drinks at a sky bar. It’s not huge but I can fit all my essentials in.

The bag retails at 599 baht with the black one now in the sale for a bargainous 399.  I have used it non-stop the past few weeks and it is now a real staple in my wardrobe. I think it looks more expensive than it actually is and I will definitely be purchasing the tan colour as well as perusing the Zalora website some more!

*Disclaimer ~ I was sent the bag free of charge by Zalora however, views above are my own, unbiased opinions.

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  1. Amy M says:

    It’s a beautiful bag, and looks awesome both day and night.
    I agree – it’s so hard to find a bag that fits all of the essentials in.
    Since buying a DSLR i struggle to find a bag that fits my camera AND purse in and i just hate actual camera bags (although there is a Zkin one that i’m lusting after however it’s out of stock everywhere!) because they’re so bulky and… obvious!

    Also, can i just say – i know so many bloggers who have worked with Zalora on comped posts and yet never disclosed it so can i just say Brava to you! It’s such a refreshing change to see Bangkok bloggers being honest! xx

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    1. Thanks Amy, that means a lot ~ I’m all about honest opinions!
      Totally agree about camera bags, there’s definitely a gap in the market there although I will check out the Zkin ones! Thankfully my camera’s not to big so slips into this satchel perfectly! I’m normally all about a big bag so it’s nice to have something a bit lighter for a change!! x


    2. karstenaichholz says:

      Not exactly a product I can relate to all too well, but have to second Amy’s compliment on disclosing the details of the compensation. In the US it’s actually a legal requirement now to make these kind of disclosures, so it’s nice to see people adhering to it even in places where it’s not required by law.

      I’ve tried ordering pants with Zalora, but found that this proved a bit tricky – unless it’s a brand you’re familiar with, it’s hard to tell color and fit from the information you get online. It’s great for shoes though. Given I’m a bit difficult in that area (no real leather), I have to use Zappos to filter for that (Zalora didn’t have it last time I checked) and then try to find the resulting shoes on the Zalora site. Hope they add that functionality in the future.

      I’m a super big fan though of their ‘sister site’ – Lazada. USB cables, video games, playstations, power adapters, blenders… compared to making it all the way over to Pantip plaza, it’s a huge improvement. Together with Tesco they probably make up 90% of all my online orders nowadays.

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      1. Always been a believer in honesty is the best policy! Will definitely check out Lazada! Thanks for the tip! X


  2. klaudiarr says:

    Love the bag, I’m still on the search for the perfect bag but something like this would be lovely! Thank you for showing me this website, I’m going to look for some bigger options because I carry more essentials with me (perks of being a mum of a toddler ha ha). I would love it if you checked out my blog at xx


    1. The search for the perfect bag always takes ages but then the looking is part of the fun I guess! Zara have some gorgeous, slightly bigger bags this season which would fit a lot more in, you must need quite a bit with a little one!
      I’m off over to your blog now ~ thank you for the comment and for stopping by xx

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      1. klaudiarr says:

        Oooh I’ll have a look thank you 🙂 Naah just the usual – a few stuffed animals, blanket, books… Ha ha 😂 thank you lovely, followed you xx

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