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I read about the Srichand face powders somewhere on a blog when I was looking into Thai beauty and now I just can’t find where but thankfully I recognised them in the 7/11 store from their distinctive and pretty packaging. They stocked two types so I bought them both although there is a Translucent Face Powder too which I haven’t been able to find yet! From 7/11 I picked up the Tanaka Gold Powder Mask for 95 baht (£1.75) and the Original Scented Powder for 55 baht (£1)…bargain.

After doing some research (and still not finding that blog post…grrrr) it turns out that Srichand is a Thai beauty brand that has been around for donkey’s years and was synonymous with old ladies…until a couple of years ago when they rebranded to appeal to a younger market. I have to admit that it was the packaging that drew me to these in the first place; the vintage look boxes house a cute plastic pot containing the very finely milled loose powder.

Original Scented Powder

I have been using the Original Scented Powder to set my makeup every day for the past few weeks and I really like it although I’m not using it the way it was intended…the website shows diagrams mixing the powder with water and applying it to the face… With this one I’m going to stick to using it the way I have been; I apply a light dusting with a Real Techniques powder brush, it is white so I can tell when I’ve put too much on as I look a little ghostly but a quick buff and all is good again! The scent is lovely, it does remind me of my Grandma a little which for me is never a bad thing and let’s face it, the pretty floral packaging is a gorgeous addition to any makeup drawer. Having not been a big fan of loose powder (mainly down to the faff!), this has somewhat converted me!

Tanaka Gold Powder Mask

After a chat with my friend Julie last week, who had also recently bought a Tanaka powder mask and been impressed, I decided to try this in the way you are supposed to. I put some of the fine, gold coloured powder into the palm of my hand and added a few drops of water and mixed with my finger to create a clay-like consistency which I applied to my ready cleansed face. You can sleep in this as it dries really quickly but I sat and watched the ‘Great British Bake Off‘ before hopping in the shower and rinsing it off with a warm flannel. I have to say my skin felt lovely and soft and my pores appeared reduced. I will try sleeping in it when our bedding is changed to cream from the current dark grey and report back!

How to use

All in all, I really like both products and still can’t really get over the bargain prices and let’s face it, being able to pick up a decent beauty product in a 7/11 makes life that little bit easier! This is a great Thai brand to try if you can get your hands on it. I am going to try and purchase the Translucent Powder as I think I’ll like that too, and if I don’t it will look very pretty in my makeup drawer!

Do you have any Thai beauty recommendations? Please let me know what I should try next in the comments below!

Srichand Powders
Available in Thailand at: 
Srichand Powders

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  1. Karenapril says:

    Hello from Malaysia! I use the original scented powder as mask, after wash off I use Body Shop Vitamin E night mask. Results? Smooth and radiant skin the next morning. Yup, being able to just buy it at 7 eleven is awesome!

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    1. Hi Karen! Oooo thanks for that tip, I will definitely be checking out that night mask! X


  2. They’ve also launched Disney Princess editions, which I suppose is to appeal to a younger target audience. I bought the Ariel powder mask (there was a Rapunzel loose powder and I regret not buying it!). I found them at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! I saw those! Super cute!!! x


  3. Sara says:

    Hi, I bought srichand tanaka gold mask powder but been using it as my daily setting powder. I didnt realize that i’m supposed to use it as a mask until i found your blog. Anyway is that okay if i use it as daily setting powder instead? People think my skin look brighter and glowy 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutley!!! I’ve actually used it that way a couple of times more recently too! I always think there’s way more ways to use something than the way the brand tell you too! I’ll have to update this post! X


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