Review ~ Face Spritz

Firstly, let me admit I am late to this particular party. The Body Shop Vitamin C range has been around for years in different guises, the Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz has been around as far as I can tell for at least 3 years. Secondly, I shall admit that I have always steered pretty clear of anything described as a ‘mist’ or ‘spritz’ deeming them a rather unnecessary element of a skincare routine.

That was until I saw this particular ‘spritz’ on In The Frow, where Victoria spoke about its benefit as an ‘instant moisture boost‘. The decision to purchase was cemented when I was watching skincare extraordinaire Caroline Hirons‘ back catalogue of YouTube videos and she featured this in her Budget Skincare June 2014 video.

We have The Body Shop here in Thailand but because of the import things are quite a bit more expensive so I added it to my list to pick up when I am back in the UK in October. It is £11 for a 100ml bottle. Then a package arrived from my lovely sister, stuffed with Haribo and this bottle of vitamin C goodness (I made her watch the video when she was staying with me in August).

I have been using The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz for about a month now and I can positively say I am a convert to spritzes and mists! As the name says it is an invigorating, refreshing spray, an ‘instant pick me up to refresh and smooth’ the skin. It is citrus scented which I love and do find it wakes me up in the mornings…for me, this is a huge plus, I need all the help I can get at 5.30am.


The bottle itself gives no indication really of where to fit this into your skincare routine, Victoria and Caroline both made suggestions so I have tried it in quite a few ways to find what I feel is most beneficial to my skin. I have used it in the morning before moisturiser, in the morning after moisturiser, as a setting spray on a freshly made-up face and also as a boost when my face is a bit hot and sticky. All ways were good but my favourite is definitely as an extra layer of moisture after applying my morning moisturiser; I let everything sink and soak in for 5 minutes before applying any makeup and I find this combination not only provides a great base but makes my skin feel super hydrated and plumped. I find the mist to be light enough that it doesn’t leave my face looking wet but heavy enough to feel like its actually doing something and I think it helps my makeup last longer too.

So as I said I am a convert. I love this spritz. Whilst I am still of the opinion it’s not a vital part of a skincare regime, it’s a lovely addition – it wakes me up and adds extra hydration to my skin as well as being an orangey veil of goodness after a hard day. Plus something tells me it will be a welcome addition to my flight bag in a few weeks for the long flight home! Try it, you might just be a convert too!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz
£11 100ml bottle

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