Review ~ Living Proof 5-in-1

I have stupidly thick, coarse long hair which has always been relatively tame-able with frequent trips to the hairdresser and lots of rich serums and balms. Tame-able that was until rainy season arrived in Bangkok. My usually ok hair turned into a larger than life, frizz ball mess that had the texture of straw and the mind of a wild child let loose on the world. Seriously I am not exaggerating.

In a quest to tame my mane I have tried everything. I have tried switching up my shampoo and conditioner routine (finding the combination of Johnson’s Baby shampoo and Inecto coconut oil conditioner is working the best at the moment), I have changed the way I dry my hair, no longer wandering around with it in a turban towel, I don’t use much heat on it here in Bangkok at all but I’d put down my dryer and straighteners altogether but alas despite my stellar efforts it was still veering too close to the slightly dry, coarser side of life.

I had given up to be honest, I was going to ride through the weather of the next month or so rocking a top knot and gritting my teeth! But then a wander around the sacred halls of Sephora changed all that. I spotted the Living Proof range (their brand ambassador is hair goddess Jennifer Aniston) and was intrigued by their Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment which according to the blurb would basically solve all my problems. I wasn’t quick to part with my 1050 baht however, I went away, did some research, was quite frankly blown away by what I read, the blogger in me was intrigued so I went back the next day to purchase said product.

That was over a week ago now and having used the product 3 times I feel ready to voice my opinions. First things first, according to the Living Proof website and Sephora this product should:

Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment contains Living Proof’s award winning, patented molecules: OFPMA to weightlessly smooth, add shine, condition, and soften hair, and PBAE to create revivable, long-lasting volume and body with manageability. This powerful formula provides heat protection, UV protection, and static control. Results are instantaneous and improve hair over time.

The first time I used it, I washed and conditioned my hair as usual and then applied a 10p size of product through mainly the ends but also some around the front of my hair when it was still quite damp and blow dried it as instructed. The product is a creamy consistency that smells slightly grapefruity/citrusy which I really liked. As I was drying my hair it already felt softer but part of me wondered if it was a fluke…

By the time I had dried my hair completely I was simply blown away; my hair felt so ridiculously soft, it had blow dried much straighter without any help other than my fingers and looked much silkier and healthier, not quite Jen Aniston but seriously close! I went to bed wondering if these miraculous results were actually me being overly tired and slightly delirious, I vowed to be more objective in the morning. Needless to say, I woke up and my hair was as incredible as it had been the night before. I did end up washing it sooner than I would normally because I couldn’t stop stroking it…

In the spirit of a true test I have used it twice more since to ensure that the first time wasn’t just an epic fluke and I can safely say this product is simply brilliant, it really is a Perfect Hair Day. I just cannot recommend it enough. For me, volume isn’t an issue but from other peoples reviews this really helps if you have thinner, finer hair too.

I’m not a huge fan of taking pictures of myself but for this post it would be wrong not to, unfortunately, I haven’t got a good before but just trust me when I tell you this is a massive improvement!

So, this for me is a wonder product; not often do you use a product that blows you away from the first use. It has transformed my locks and according to the blurb, it will only get better! I love it and now I have it in my life I WILL NOT BE WITHOUT IT! I will definitely be investing in a Living Proof shampoo and conditioner, fingers crossed it will bring out more of my inner Jen!

Available in the UK from Escentual click here

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  1. Amy M says:

    Rainy season is the worst!
    Glad you found a product to make it a bit more manageable! x

    Liked by 1 person

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