Stuck in a Nail Rut…

Yesterday I went to have my nails done before heading back to the UK tomorrow. I always go for CND Shellac as I find it the best for my nails but I find it really hard to stray away from my usual colours alternating between Fedora and Rubble (in the UK Tinted Love was also in the cycle but I haven’t found that here). Yesterday something in me took over and I went totally off-piste and positively jumped outside of my comfort zone selecting ‘Cocoa’…
CND Fedora CND Rubble

Even as the lovely technician did all the prep I was doubting my choice but given the language barrier, I figured it was easier to just go with it. And I am really glad I did. I love, love, love Cocoa, it’s a peachy natural colour that just looks beautiful yet modern. Now I have a new addition to my repertoire!

Ten Ten Nail Salon & Spa
593/2 Sukhumvit Road

Phrom Phong
Bangkok, Thailand
02 259 3510

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