I’m Going Home…

Today I am flying back to the UK for the first time since leaving for Bangkok in December 2014. I wasn’t supposed to be going but I was absolutely gutted at the prospect of missing my cousin’s wedding, so back in April my lovely parents said they’d pay for my flight, amazingly I got an awesome return deal for under £400 – what a bargain!

PackingSo off I go, back to the cold weather of England which, as I packed, I had trouble comprehending to be honest (“Are you sure I won’t need my shorts Dave?”…cue withering look). It was a chilly 28 degrees here yesterday so I think the weather in the UK will be a shock to the system (I appreciate the news in England is saying it’s a prolonged ‘Indian Summer’ with highs of 19 degrees, but we put our A/C on 19 to cool down here in balmy Bangkok so I am somewhat fearful!). I am going armed with the few pairs of jeans I have here, a newly purchased brushed cotton shirt and some trainers…I think the first thing I’ll be doing is raiding my clothes in storage!

It is going to be interesting to see what things I realise I miss like crazy, what I forget to do (I’m thinking straight away of seatbelts and turning plug sockets on and off…) and what I miss about Bangkok in the short time I’m away! The thing I am most excited about is seeing friends and family; my schedule for the 12 days I’m home is rammed and I certainly haven’t managed to fit everyone in by any stretch, but as we’re going home at Christmas too, we’ll make up for it then I’m sure. The other thing I am excited about is food. I can’t lie, I have sent a plan home of what I’d like to eat, including Fish & Chips, an Indian, a Chinese, a fish finger sandwich, tiger bread and a proper roast dinner or two (I appreciate I am going to come back to BKK at least a stone heavier!).

I also have quite a substantial list from BKK friends of goodies and necessities they would like me to bring back. The most popular request is chocolate, followed by Warburton’s crumpets, Yorkshire Tea and fajita mix.

Coming back with me to BKK for a fortnight is one of my besties and his BF which I am super excited about. We’ll take in the sights of the city and then head off to the beach for a week of true Thai R&R, no doubt I’ll need it after the busyness of the UK!

So, I may blog, I may not, it all depends on the killer schedule and jet lag to be honest. However, I will be posting (because I won’t be able to help myself) on Instagram and Twitter if you’re interested.

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  1. lauren says:

    Yey! Me and Manchester are excited to be welcoming you back to your Northern home!xx

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  2. Lesley Goligher says:

    Me and cads can’t wait to see you in Manc either xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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