The Best Delivery…

Today we received a package from England. We weren’t expecting anything so it came as somewhat of a surprise, a lovely surprise of course. Inside was what can only be described as the best delivery ever…two packets of Warburtons Giant Crumpets amongst other things but they were the absolute highlights!

Now we would have been overjoyed with normal crumpets, which are something of a rarity here in Bangkok, but GIANT CRUMPETS!!!!! My amazing sister has seriously outdone herself in the care package stakes this time!

To our Bangkok friends who will see this and be insanely jealous, I can only apologise, we have probably already snaffled these bad boys.

And to Warburtons, please send Giant Crumpets (or any crumpets quite frankly) to a stockist near me soon…there are expats depending on you.

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  1. cornishkylie says:

    I am heading home for Christmas and have already put in a request to my mum for giant crumpets… wish she would post them to me!

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    1. I can’t believe they got here to be honest! Enjoy them when you do get your hands on them! x


      1. cornishkylie says:

        I will… and with proper butter!!! Too much excitement about this.

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    1. Me tooooo – I am going to truly savour my 2 giant crumpets! x


  2. Lauren says:

    Could only fit 2 packs in! Got another envelope at work so will send more when I’m back x

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  3. Hahahaha oh the things that expats crave! xo


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