The Weekend Beach Edit

We’re heading off to Koh Samui this afternoon for an early anniversary weekend at the hotel we went to for our mini-moon back in January. We’re in the UK for our actual wedding anniversary in December which will be busy no doubt so as we were gifted a weekend back at the beautiful Anantara Lawana we thought it was the perfect excuse!

I threw together my (reasonably) coordinated, destination appropriate, capsule wardrobe last night in about 10 minutes (I think Dave nearly had a heart attack) which led me to thinking, I actually know what to pack now for a weekend away on the beach in Thailand!

Whilst I appreciate this post is probably highly irrelevant to most of you in other countries, I thought I would share my list anyway as, quite frankly, I’m renowned for being a terrible packer so am quite proud of what feels like a momentous occasion! Here is what my packing looks like:

And here is what’s included in a kind of anti-clockwise-ish order:

  • Two casual day dresses – Chatuchak Market – suitable for going to breakfast, getting to the pool or beach plus lunch and a cocktail
  • Jewellery – Next – to dress anything up
  • One pair of denim shorts – H&M – I don’t go anywhere without this pair
  • Smart black vest – H&M
  • Sarong – H&M – useful as a beach cover up or in the evenings to protect from mosquitos or enthusiastic A/C
  • Jumpsuit – River Island – one evening
  • Long dress – H&M – the other evening
  • Underwear – M&S – including black strapless bra
  • Sleepwear – Next – because our room last time had an outdoor bathroom… and always cotton because I’m in Thailand
  • Bikinis – Tesco & Primark – two that can be interchanged
  • Black bag – Zalora – for day (realistically as i’m planning to lay by the pool/beach for the entire 2 days I probably won’t need this but every eventuality…)
  • Smaller bag – Clements Ribeiro – for evening
  • Sunglasses – Ray Ban – 2 pairs

Other things not in the shot but coming are:

  • Flip flops – Havianas – black, total necessity
  • Black sandals – H&M -(go with everything)
  • Water shoes – Somewhere on the Isle of Wight – because we’ve been to Koh Samui before and these just make life better!
  • Beach bag – For all the essentials
  • Snorkel – to go snorkelling….

That’s it…I can’t quite believe it! I genuinely think I’ve covered off all eventualities that may arise whilst enjoying the luxury that is the Anantara Lawana.

Obviously my toiletries and makeup aren’t included here, that’s probably a whole other post although I am getting better at packing light there too! The main things I like to take are sun tan lotion (obvs…), coconut oil (I use as a moisturiser and after sun) and stacks of insect repellent, if like me you are irresistible to the little blighters!

Whatever you are up to this weekend, have a great one!

To read my original review of the Anantara Lawana Resort, click here.

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  1. I feel like it’s so easy to pack in Thailand because you know that despite the weather it’ll be warm. S and i went for a trip away to Cornwall and i had to bring so many different clothing items because the weather is so depressing…. I mean unpredictable! haha. Have a lovely getaway! xo


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