H&M Makeup Haul

I was super excited to pick up some bits from the new H&M makeup range when I was back in the UK. The range includes everything from foundations and BB creams, to eyeshadow pencils and brushes and is presented beautifully in store. The packaging is all clean lines, black and white with gold detailing giving it quite a premium feel for a really great price. There was just so much choice, I found it really hard to choose!!



After much deliberation, here is what I picked up in the end and after using the products for a few weeks, here’s what I think…

Pure Radiance Powder Blush in Pink Peach £6.99

This blush is lovely, it has a soft texture and goes onto the skin really evenly. You can build up the colour for more intensity or use it subtly for a daytime look. It does have a slight sheen but the teeniest particles that I didn’t see until I was really looking close. It lasts well too.

High Impact Eye Colour in Candied Almond £4.99

With good pigmentation and good blendability, I really like this eyeshadow. It is a matte shade which works great for the daytime or you can build it into a smokier eye for the evening. This particular shadow is quite a warm brown shade.

True Matte Finishing Powder in Warm Ivory £7.99

I like this. It does exactly what it says. The only downside for me is that I have to carry a brush to touch up in the day but other than that this gets a thumbs up. The colour is ideal for my skin and finishes beautifully without looking powdery or cakey.

Brow Specialist Pencil in Caramel Brown £2.99

Probably the only thing I was a little bit disappointed with but then realistically for the price point I’m not sure I can really complain! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do but for me, it’s a little bit draggy (compared to my usual Mac pencil) and it kind of cakes a little on my brow hairs, but it’s nothing that can’t be sorted out with the spoolie. I have been using it during the daytime when I’m going for a more relaxed makeup look. If you’re on a budget I would definitely try this as I think it’s better than the Rimmel ones.

Cream Lip Colour in Penny Red £7.99

I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK. The texture is beautiful, the colour is gorgeous, it is moist and it lasts without creasing. It’s a darker colour than I would ever usually go for but I have worn it so much already. I will be picking up some more of these when I’m back in the UK at Christmas.

Here are the colour swatches…


And here’s the obligatory selfies…

So there you go, in conclusion, I am really impressed with the H&M Beauty range. I love most of what I picked up and will definitely be getting some more lipsticks and trying a few of the other things I didn’t get when I’m back home next. This is a great range with nice packaging, a wide colour range and most importantly, great quality.

Well done H&M, now when are you bringing it to Thailand?

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    1. It really is Amel! Thanks for stopping by! x

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  1. Liked! I’ll give it a go!

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  2. I never bought make up from H&M but its look like items is really good quality! I love the eyeshadow! I need to order some goodies from online now!;D


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    1. I am honestly really impressed! I haven’t ordered online so you must let me know how it is!! Enjoy! X

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  3. I wonder if your H&M in Australia stock the cosmetics, will have to take a look.

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  4. I’ve never tried H + M’s make up but it looks pretty good – love that fashion houses are starting to bring out their own – it really diversifies the make up market place! xo

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    1. I’m am just in love with the lippy!! I need to get back to the uk so I can try a few more!!!! X


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