Illuminate Art, Bangkok

We walked past Nick’s wonderful paintings in his little gallery a few months back when we were exploring Chatuchak Market with our friends Tom and Rob and pretty much fell in love. We spent quite a while looking at the bright colourful paintings and chatting to Nick and the amazing guy who translates for him, about the possibility of doing something more neutral for us. I love the bright pieces but they just wouldn’t look right in our home with our decor.

After taking some time to decide we returned a few weeks later to place our order. Nick’s paintings are usually very colourful so he was a little apprehensive about my request for neutral including quite a specific taupe colour but we were sure it would translate beautifully and he accepted the challenge! Yesterday we headed back to Chatuchak to pick up our commission* and we could not be happier.

For us, whilst this does not scream ‘Bangkok‘ or ‘Thailand‘, this is a wonderful, contemporary piece that will go with us wherever we go (not that we have plans to leave Bangkok until at least 2018 and even then we’ll probably stay!) and will always remind us of our time here. It looks stunning in our flat, even against the slightly dubious striped wallpaper. I couldn’t have asked for more, thank you Nick!

If you are visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market, make sure you wander through the art section just up from Gate 2, there is such a wide range of incredible local art and local talent, it should not be missed!

Nuttaporn (Nick) Intarasuwan
Location: Section 7, soi 5, no. 174. Chatuchak Market (Sat-Sun)

*Our painting is approx. 1m x 1m and was 8000 baht. Our commission took three weeks.


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  1. It’s perfect!
    Love that you managed to find a balance between his vision and yours xo

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  2. denise528 says:

    I bought one of Nick’s paintings in NZ (kerikeri). So fabulous!! Thanks for the post.

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    1. Wow! That’s so cool! I am dying to buy a few more!! X


  3. Yenners says:

    I bought one of Nick’s paintings in June 2015 just before we left Bangkok to move to Oz. Now, four and a half years later we’ve finally moved into our own house and unboxed his painting and are even more in love with it now than before. He really is so talented!

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    1. Awww, that’s amazing! I’m sure it brings back some great Bangkok memories!


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