Rod Fai Night Market

Last weekend we visited the New Talat Rod Fai Market over on Srinakarin here in Bangkok. We have heard a lot about the old and the new Train Market so were excited to explore with some friends. This market is open in the evenings Thursday to Sunday and is well worth a visit!

To get there you could just hail a taxi, alternatively, you can get the BTS to Udom Suk and then get a taxi the short distance to the market which is situated near to Paradise Park Shopping Mall.

There is something here for everyone but what this market is particularly famous for is its vintage wares, everything from leather jackets to cars and motorcycles. It is a little bit like stepping back in time! The market is made up of permanent brick buildings, warehouses and stalls selling retro prints, collectables and art as well as the usual Thai market tat! Rod Fai is very popular with locals, it is really great to immerse yourself in a more genuine market experience, compared to say Chatuchak which I love but is much more popular with tourists.

I have to mention to the incredible cocktails at the Steam Pug bar at the entrance to the market. We were waiting for our friends so decided to have a drink whilst we waited and we were so glad we did, these cocktails are some of the most original and delicious I have come across in Thailand. It was also happy hour so we ended up indulging slightly more than planned! If you’re visiting the market you must stop for a drink at the amazingly quirky Steam Pug!

There were so many places to eat and drink, with live music around every corner! Everyone was there just hanging out and having a great time. We’d had quite a long day already so probably didn’t do as much exploring as we wanted but that just means we’ll be going back!!

If you’re in Bangkok and want a really original market experience, you must visit this incredible market!

Rod Fai Market
Opening Hours: 17:00 – midnight (Thurs-Sun)
Location: Srinakarin Road Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square)


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  1. We’re going there on Thursday evening if you’re interested to meet up there.

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    1. Ooo would have loved to but we already have plans plus I have to pack for the long weekend when we’re escaping to Koh Samet! x


  2. We never made it here and it’s one of my biggest regrets (But i’ll be back in Bangkok soon for my Hokkaido milk tea and Khao Soi and mango sticky rice fix!) Such an original place.

    Oh and I totally agree about JJ.
    We spent about half an hour there then got overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and totally went elsewhere!

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    1. I tell you what, next time you’re here I’ll be your personal JJ guide!! It’s so much better when you know your way around a bit, the overwhelmingness is much less!! But defo check out Rod Fai too, loved it!! X


  3. Gorgeous pictures, I love Thai markets

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