Reunited BKK

This weekend my cousin, Singapore Cee, and her husband came to visit us here in Bangkok. I haven’t seen them since October when I was back in the UK for their wedding so was seriously excited about being reunited! Needless to say, we had a crazy busy weekend filled with lots of eating and drinking…

Friday evening we spent at the W Market here in Phra Khanong and I was so caught up in catching up I took zero pictures. What I can tell you is that it was a late one involving plenty of Pad Thai and Tom Yum, and one too many Lychee Mojitos.

Saturday we headed to Chu in Asok for breakfast before jumping on the MRT to Chatuchak Market. It was a really hot day but we wandered through the alleys picking up a few bits and pieces. Even though this was our 4th visit in about six weeks, we still found new things to get excited about!

A quick dip in our pool cooled us off from our sweaty afternoon at the market before we headed to our usual sky bar, Ocatve at the Marriott in Thong Lo for some much-needed sundowners!

We visited Charcoal on Soi 11 last month with friends and were keen to go again as the food was incredible, Caroline and Tom’s visit was just the excuse we needed. The food was just as good this time around, plus Cee and I had a tour around the Tandoor kitchen which was really interesting!

We finished our evening with a ride home in a tuk-tuk, something which we pretty much never do but we all really enjoyed, even though Cee did close her eyes on a few occasions!IMG_5227.jpg

Sunday was spent doing the expat thing; all you can eat or drink brunch at the Sofitel So, something we’ve done a few times but this was our visitor’s first experience of brunch and it was quite funny seeing them so overwhelmed and remembering how we felt the same way the first time we did it! Of course, we gorged ourselves silly before packing them off in a taxi back to the airport…

…whilst I went home and had a nap!

This was our last weekend in Bangkok for a while and boy did we enjoy it! It was so good seeing family and it’s so good to know my cousin is just a short flight away.

This week is a flurry of Christmas parties, carol concerts and packing for our return to the UK. Oh, and I need to squeeze in some last minute present buying too!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.16.29.png


Read all about Singapore Cee’s adventures here


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    1. Merry Christmas lovely! Hope you’ve had a wonderful time skiing! Very jealous! Xx


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