The UK Round Up

Jet lag has fully kicked in despite my best efforts which is why I find myself writing this post at 4.30am on a Sunday. Oh, the joy. We have just got back from a wonderful 3 weeks with family and friends back in the UK and rather than give you a blow by blow account I thought I would separate our trip into a highlights/things we miss/things we did type thing.

Hanging out with Ted

Leaving our dog behind in the UK when we moved to Thailand was one of the hardest things ever. We could have brought him; I had long discussions with our very pro-taking-him vet but it just wouldn’t have been right for him. Ted is a cocker spaniel who has grown up having the fields on his doorstep and being able to run around off his lead every day, combined with his overly friendly, trusting nature which has got him into a spot of bother on more than one occasion, the streets of Bangkok just wouldn’t have done it for him. But we are so lucky that he lives with family friends that I have known my whole life and who are generous enough to let us steal him for weeks at a time when we return. After a day sulking about us abandoning him, Ted soon gets back into the swing and is our best friend again. Needless to say, leaving him again last week was just as hard, but knowing he is adored and living the life of Riley is something I am grateful for every day.

Full faces of Makeup

The cool climate (yes, yes, yes…I know it was ‘mild’ for December) of the UK meant I could do a full face of makeup most days and not worry about it melting off (although being washed off by rain was more likely) – a small pleasure but one I relished! Of course, Christmas, wedding and New Year’s faces were extra special using lots of the new products I snapped up in Charlotte Tilbury and Mac…

Eating and drinking/Friends/Family

I have categorised this as above because inevitably eating and drinking goes hand in hand with catching up with friends and family. I can safely say I have returned to Bangkok at least half a stone heavier but boy, did we have fun doing it! I think we ticked everything off our/my list of desired foods to satisfy those expat cravings for another 6 months. Amongst other things, we ate fish & chips, Indian, Chinese, steak, coleslaw, baked Camembert, fish finger sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, Nando’s, Turkish, Barburrito, Turkey (of course), more cheese, roast pork and meat & potato pie. Huge shout out to all our amazing family and friends (especially my mum and dad) who took the time to hang out with us/feed us, we love you.

The Wedding

Two of our best friends got married on the 30th of December up in Manchester. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen; the attention to detail was epic, the flowers were incredible and I don’t think I have ever seen two happier, more in love people. I know Lesley won’t mind me sharing a few snaps from their stunning day.  Congrats Caddy’s.

English Things

Rain. Countryside. The beach. Rain. A bath. Gin & Tonic. The pub. Granted our one sunny day of the 3 weeks we were at home was our day on the beach as you can see here but still, I can safely say I do not miss English weather. At all. I did, however, enjoy pulling on my wellies and heading out for a long walk with the dogs either on the beach or in the countryside. I did not enjoy the amount of mud the dogs got caked in during said countryside walks. Bathing an excitable Spaniel is never straightforward.

I enjoyed drinking Gin & Tonics, at home and in the pub (who knew Rhubarb Gin was so good?) and also bathing in it. We don’t have a bath here in Bangkok anymore so it’s a treat to soak in the tub especially when the bubble bath is good enough to drink.


We were in Manchester for the wedding and also New Year which we spent with a gaggle of friends drinking too much Champagne and eating far too much Turkish food. We had some extra time before and after for some retail therapy and I picked up some bargainous swimwear in Topshop for just a pound a piece in the sale.

We also got to some of our old favourite eateries and enjoyed a great steak dinner on New Year’s day with family and friends. We stayed in the Hilton on Deansgate and the Holiday Inn at Media City which was an interesting combo, I should do an actual post on it as my reviews and preference would probably surprise you.

Miscellaneous Pleasures

Being able to drink water from the tap felt like a real novelty, I didn’t miss forgetting to have our Sprinkle bottles replaced! I constantly forgot to put my seatbelt on, clearly, I’m too used to Bangkok taxis. I have forgotten how to layer – what do you mean I can’t just pull on shorts and a vest?And real shoes and boots just hurt my very relaxed feet! Having an oven meant we could eat lots of the food above which was amazing. Crossing the road in the UK felt like the easiest thing ever, no bikes coming at you from all directions. Oh, and how thick is the toilet paper in England?

So there it is in a nutshell, our time at home. As mentioned I did go shopping which I will be posting about soon (I best do, or husband might get mad after stumping up for ‘overweight’ baggage to bring my stash back!) but until then, happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Beautiful babe 🙂 toilet paper haha! X

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    1. What can I say, it’s the simple things that make the biggest impressions!! x

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  2. Sounds like you had a great time!
    Don’t get too excited about the toilet paper – i’d happily trade it to have my bum gun back! xo

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  3. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time back home. I’ve been forgetting the seat belt a bit as well….. And agree – shoes feel weird xx


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