I Got Chills…

This has been the strangest week weather-wise I have encountered in Bangkok. It got cold. Like, seriously cold (for Bangkok) dropping to just 15 degrees, in the north of Thailand temperatures around 10 degrees were recorded. Headlines have attributed 14 deaths in the country to the sudden decrease in temperature, soi dogs are clad in jumpers, schools in the north have closed and Thai people are wearing clothes more suited to Arctic exploration.


I have mixed feelings about the weather to be honest. It has been nice to sleep without the air conditioning on and not get in a sweat getting from A to B but I have been surprised by how chilly I have been in what would be a normal temperature in the UK. Maybe I’ve acclimatised more than I realised! I don’t really have any layers here so I fashioned a sarong as a scarf this week in my bid to keep the chill at bay.

Thankfully, it has gradually warmed up a little; today was a warmer 26 degrees so hopefully, that’s the end of the Bangkok Big Freeze of 2016!

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  1. Sarah says:

    The weather has been mental here in Australia! 40 degrees one day – 18 the next!

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    1. Global warming at its worst I think!! X


  2. OhMyDevoy says:

    Crazy right?! I thought at one point that it might snow haha. I’m so happy with the weather today, hope it’s all back to normal.

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    1. Me too! It’s better to be sweaty than cold hey!!! X


  3. It’s easier to deal with the cold when you have the right clothes, don’t tend to keep coats in Bangkok! So sad that people die because of the temperature decrease 😦 xo


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