Let’s Eat in Tonight.

We are making a real effort to eat in. I know that sounds weird but in Bangkok it’s actually cheaper to eat out and given the size and scope of our kitchen (which consists of a microwave oven and 2 hobs), way easier too. But in the spirit of healthier eating, we have been exploring things we can make easily that are quick to do in our limited kitchen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor us, there are two downsides to eating in. One is the cost, as I said it’s usually cheaper to eat out. Two is the planning that is required; it’s often not as easy to just pick up ingredients as it would be in the UK, I am getting to know which supermarkets stock what we want and which don’t but it can take a few visits to collect everything you need.

In a quest for easy recipes that are ‘do-able’ for us has led me frequently to Jamie Oliver’s door. In many of his 15 and 30-minute meals recipes, he doesn’t use an oven which makes them ideal for us as we haven’t yet figured out how to get the best from the ‘oven’ part of our microwave!

So far I have found making big batches of Mediterranean vegetables (these are soooo good cooked in the microwave), Jamie’s Mint Chilli Cous Cous and his Sweet Potato Feta Coriander Chilli smash ( was already one of my favourites) has provided us with a relatively healthy taste sensation with minimal effort on the kitchen front. Teamed with chicken or pork and with some extra feta chucked on top, we have really been enjoying our dinner!

One of the things that weighed our cases down significantly was a Nutri Ninja which we have been utilising to make the most of all the amazing, cheap fruit we have here in Thailand. This coupled with ‘eating in’ has revolutionised our diet this January. We have been drinking smoothies filled with fruit, chia and flax seeds, oats and Almond milk for breakfast which we both find keeps us full up for longer and with more energy than our previous cereal breakfasts gave us. We have also been using the Ninja to make banana pancakes at the weekend (blend an egg and a banana and cook as usual pancakes), a great substitute without any less of the sweetness!

So we shall continue with our attempt to eat in, I’m hoping now it’s February we won’t fall off our New Year bandwagon!

Do you have any great microwave recipes I should try? I need to add to my limited repertoire so please let me know!


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  1. Haha ahh Asian kitchens… I don’t miss you! We ended up buying a halogen over for about £15 from Tesco Lotus because we really wanted roast potatoes haha. Was the best thing we bought whilst over there! xo

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    1. Haha that is the next thing to purchase on my list! I think it will help our somewhat limited repertoire!! x


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