Last night whilst stalking the aisles of Sephora I stumbled across something I thought had left my life forever. For the last four months, I have struggled to fill the gaping void in my life, reminiscing of the days I had it and regretting taking it for granted. Of course I am referring to my beloved Black Magic Eyeko Mascara which went out of stock in Sephora Thailand in October and never came back.

I had given up hope of it reappearing, desperately searching for something to take its place over the past few months, so when I noticed the fully stocked display last night, I’ll admit, I did a happy dance right there in the middle of the shop. Fighting the urge to put the entire lot in my basket (well…who knows when it might disappear again…) I grabbed one!

Another delightful surprise was that the new tube looks to be slightly bigger than the old ones – wow, it really was my lucky day yesterday!!


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