All Rise: Beauty Blender

I am so late to this party I feel ashamed. Genuinely. But I am so in love with my newly acquired Beauty Blender I just had to do a post. The Beauty Blender has been a blogger/vlogger favourite for a long time but I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon, I don’t know why, I just sometimes rebel against products everyone says you need in your life. I’m going to try and work on that.

I picked this up in Sephora the other day when something compelled me to see what all the fuss as about and man, I am so glad I did. I LOVE my original pink Beauty Blender. I soak it through and wring it out before applying the smallest amount of Clinique CC cream. It applies just the right of product and gives such a natural, glowy finish, the first time I used the Beauty Blender I thought it was a fluke. It wasn’t. It is that good. I have also been using it to apply cream blush and again, gorgeous finish. The only thing that bugs me about it is that I cannot get it spotlessly clean again but oh well, a small price to pay for that airbrushed skin look.

If you haven’t got one, go and get one. Now. Yes, I am doing that annoying thing of saying ‘you need this in your life’ but you’ll thank me.

Beauty Blender £16
Sephora Thailand 750 Baht


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  1. Love this! You’re so right! I only brought mine two weeks ago and I ended up buying two to bring home to the UK with me! The BeautyBlender solid cleaner pot is hands down the best way to clean your beauty blender!

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    1. Ooo thanks for the tip Jess, I looked at it in Sephora when I (finally) picked up the blender but didn’t get it and have been wondering if I should have ever since!! X

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      1. Yeah same! I thought I had to give it a go seeing as I won’t be coming back to America for a while and Honestly it cleans your blender in about 20 seconds, you can use it for the brushes too! Might even be better than the blender it’s self! Haha I wish I’d picked up 2! X

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