Where Have I Been?

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. A fact that has been gnawing away at the back of my mind for the past few months. It’s not that I’ve not been travelling. And it’s certainly not that I’ve ceased indulging in beauty products. But I do have a reason for my prolonged absence.

I got a job. Like a proper grown-up, full-time job that has taken up a lot of my time since February and on the occasions I’ve tried, I’ve really struggled to get my mind in the *blogging zone*. And I promise I have tried. I have numerous posts stacked up in my draft section from Exploring Hong Kong to justifying a serious indulgence in the Hourglass Ambient Palette but I never finished them or got them to a place where I was happy to share them with you.

Then a few weeks ago the lovely Sarah at Fit Travels wrote a piece titled ‘14 Fabulous Female Travel Bloggers I’ve Met On The Road‘ which included little old me and it gave me the kick up the behind I needed to get back on it, get focused, enjoy my writing again. I also received a lovely email from a girl in the same situation that I was in two years ago, packing up our life in the UK, questioning if we were doing something completely insane and seeking a little reassurance before moving across the world. Another reminder of why I began this little site on the world wide web in the first place.

I document my travels and my life for lots of reasons and I think I lost sight of that a little and got bogged down in all the details and extras that come when you put yourself out there. I am loving working full time though which has somehow made me feel even more settled in my adopted city so I’ll hopefully be able to find a happy medium that allows me to blog regularly again sharing all the places we’ve been to recently as well as all the upcoming adventures, plus all my beauty bits (purchased with my own hard-earned money!!!).

So there’s my excuse. It’s nice to be back!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Awwwwwww – good to see you back. In Bangkok next week so let’s catch up xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes let’s!!! Be great to see you! Xx


  2. Blogging is a huge time commitment but it doesn’t have to be – just remember that this blog can be everything you want it to be – don’t put pressure on yourself!

    PS) Welcome back! xo

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    1. Thanks love! I think now I’ve realised that I feel a little whole lot better about it! And I’m enjoying it again which is what matters right?! Xx


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