Zoeva Luxury Set Vol. 1

How stunning are these Zoeva brushes? I have heard so much about Zoeva but other than ordering online it’s not a brand I have seen in Bangkok so when I stumbled across their counter in Sephora in Singapore to say I was a little excited is an understatement.

I knew I had to try something and I have read a lot about the quality and value of their brushes. They have a few sets that work out great value for money and at first sight, I knew the beautiful Rose Golden Luxury Set Volume 1 set had to be mine. The set of 8 brushes and leather pouch were $125 Singaporean dollars, but I had 10% off to redeem from my Sephora card so they were just over $112 (around £63).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The set includes face and eye brushes making it a great all-round purchase if you’re new to the world of makeup brushes or a really fabulous gift! They are a mixture of natural bristle brushes and synthetic and have really sturdy compact handles making them ideal for travelling, just pop them into the lovely pouch that comes in the set.
Included in the set:
106 Powder brush
102 Silk Finish brush
110 Face Shape brush
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush
142 Concealer Buffer
227 Soft Definer brush
231 Petit Crease brush
317 Wing Liner brush

I’ve been using these brushes for a week now and am really impressed with the quality and application. I’ve tested them all but the ones I am reaching for on a daily basis are:
102 Silk Finish brush – I’ve been using this dense brush to apply my base and love the coverage and finish it gives
231 Petit Crease – I don’t have a crease brush this shape or size and am loving it for getting a really focused application of shadow in the crease and outer lid and then blending it out with a fluffy blending brush.
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush – I tried this as a blush brush and it just wasn’t for me (I much prefer the shape of my Real Techniques Blush Brush), however, I have been loving it to apply Hourglass powder under my eyes. There’s something about the tapered shape that lends itself to the perfect under-eye sweep!

I haven’t washed the brushes yet but when I do I’ll add that to the post. The ferrules seem really tight and there hasn’t been any shedding so far so I have high hopes for a good wash!

I love these brushes. Not only are they darn attractive on your dressing table but they are seriously great value for money in terms of quality. Whether you are into makeup brushes or are looking to dip your toes in with a good set, I would definitely take a look at these.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Volume 1  Available here for £65

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  1. I’ve heard a lot about Zoeva but never really looked into them. Due to replace my make up brushes soon so will definitely be checking them out! Give me a shout once you’ve updated with how they wash! xo

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    1. Will do, meant to do it at the weekend! I have high hopes!!! X


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