It Cosmetics ~ Your Skin But Better

I’ve heard a lot about It Cosmetics from bloggers and You Tubers but it wasn’t a brand I had come across in Thailand. A few weeks ago during my regular sweep of Sephora I came across a whole new section of It Cosmetics!

I had a mental list of what I fancied trying but as it was the end of the month and funds were already limited due to a jaunt to Koh Samui I plumped for the Your Skin But Better (which was top of my list) but in the travel size. I love mini’s, they’re ideal if you want to see if a hyped up product really is all ‘dat’. Price wise despite being cheaper, they don’t work out great value for money but my thinking is if I bought the full size and didn’t like it that’s money down the drain anyway. So I parted with 600 THB (12ml) rather than 1700 for 32ml.

It Cosmetics describe Your Skin But Better as “Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream + Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum + SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Physical Sunscreen“. This appeals to me on many levels; from the anti-ageing element to the incredible factor 50 sun protection, which in Thailand is vital, this little bottle makes big claims!

I have been using this CC cream for over three weeks now and I adore it. I’ve been buffing it into my skin with my Zoeva face brush and it gives beautiful medium coverage that once set with powder lasts all day, even in Bangkok. It keeps my skin hydrated and glowy whilst giving me the peace of mind of high SPF. I cannot recommend it enough. I went for shade medium, but it was a bit too dark unless I have a tanned face so went back for the shade ‘light’. It’s the perfect colour for my skin and will absolutely be purchasing the full size.

Now to buy everything else on my It Cosmetics wish list…

Update March 2017 – I am still using my tester tube and have been pretty much wearing it every day! It has been brought to my attention that there is no mention of SPF 50 on the box or tube of the travel size Your Skin or Better, so I did some research and it seems It Cosmetics have also recognised this issue and have now rectified it and added it to the packaging as the travel size does definitely contain SPF. Despite the fact it does contain sun protector and whilst this is a great thing if you are going to be in the sun always use a dedicated facial sun cream as well.

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